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Yuma Location-Reviews

I love this shop! Clean! Comfortable and the staff are very nice. I just found out about them as they are new. My Schnauzer Spike looked great when we left and smelled better than ever. I have never seen Spike like a shop as much, he was happy to get in the door. I will tell my friends for sure to go there. David Allen Yellow Pages review

My dog was an abandoned stray. At 3 months old she was very frightened and I had to work hard to get her comfortable with people. She is now 2 years old and I have been bringing her to A Touch of Class for nearly a year. Her experience is very good and she loves to look pretty. I have recommend this service to all that I know who have animals. Thank you, Brenda535085 Dex knows review

I have taken my two girls (cats) to Melissa several times for their lioness cuts. She does an amazing job with both, which says a lot because my little Tinker is a pill when it comes to someone handling her. Everyone who works with Melissa is friendly, and I appreciate the high standard of cleanliness at her facility. A Touch of Class is top notch. Pat-DexKnows Review

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We are Veterinarian recommend by several clinics in the area.

Apache Junction Location

My boyfriend brought his pittie, greso, here because petsmart doesn't groom them. he's so so so happy about the way greso looks now! Joslyn did a wonderful job, greso came out so clean and soft, and he genuinely looks like a happier dog now. we'll be bringing him back again in the future! - Tayler G.

Very good job by Alex. My little Bichon has a puppy cut rather than typical Bichon cut- and she looks so good. Prince, another Bichon, was there today with the Bichon cut, and he looked great, too. Seems like they're really good with the dogs there, and the prices are typical. I'll definitely go back.. - Leslie

I took my cat and Chihuahua there for a bath and brush to get all the loose hair off. Did and excellent job! Plus the toenails were cut nice and short and ears where cleaned very good! My cat had extremely dirty ears and does not like her ears cleaned. I was very happy with the grooming!!~Missy M. Yelp Review

I have a rescue chow mix. I have had a very hard time finding a place to get her groomed. I found this place on Yelp! They are awesome! Great price and great service! Hannah looks like a new dog! I will be back!! ~Shelly B. Yelp Review

This is a wonderful place to take your dogs for grooming. They are all great groomers, care about your pet, and are very friendly to all the customers. We found them because we had been going to "Smoochie Poochie" across the street, and they were horrible. Their prices are cheaper, but you get what you pay for right!?! Prices here are very competitive, and you can feel confident when your leaving your baby there for three or four hours to not be neglected. Love this place, and feel safe leaving our little Sookie and big King, before he passed : ( , for excellent grooming care~ N.F. Yelp Review

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